Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teenage Twins

One of the more bizarre relics from the Golden Age of American adult cinema is the 1976 film TEENAGE TWINS starring real life identical twin sisters Brooke & Taylor Young. Both sisters who were previously in the films THUNDERBUNS (1976) and SWEET CAKES (1976), got their big break (yeah, right!)with co-starring roles in this feature.

Honestly, all I can remember from this film is one of the sisters masturbating with a bible and the inevitable scenes of incest. Since my memory is shot out or blocked out, here is a synopsis by rduchmann from IMDB:

"Some video copies of this film were retitled TWIN TARTS in the late 1980s, when many films with "Teenage" or "Young" were re-christened. Film is a fairly cheap-looking, about 60m, Carter Stevens effort with a script that ventures a bit for a porn grinder. Chief gimmick was that the femme leads were allegedly twin sisters taking the plunge into adult movies as a team.

Sisters Prudence and Hope, living with their mother and stepfather, share an unwelcome connection. Good girl Pru receives telepathic signals whenever trampy Hope gets sexual, and this makes Pru a little uncomfortable. Meanwhile, their stepfather and his friends are searching for a copy of the NECRONOMICON (script is credited to Al Hazred!) in order to pursue black magic goals. One sister turns out to be the precise vessel needed for the incantation of eternal life, and this sets up what may be termed a fairly polite gang-bang.

Incestuous lesbianism (Brooke and Taylor Young resemble one another, though their accents differ, and may be fraternal twins, as promoted at the time of film's release) and some rather casual sodomy (but hardly of the sort to appeal to Max Hardcore fans) highlight the proceedings here. The end is a bit abrupt and also flat, with one actor apparently missing a cue and no retake to get it right, but the film is a welcome departure from the average hardcore grinder of the day.

This is worth a peek from the *truly* dedicated Lovecraft completist as well as the fan of classic porn. It will look a bit primitive to followers of current hardcore cinema."

After TEENAGE TWINS the duo would engage in future family reunions in CHERRY HUSTLERS (1977), DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE (1978) and the July 1977 issue of Playboy. Not much is known about the current whereabouts of Brooke & Taylor but I imagine Thanksgiving dinner is quite awkward.

Amazingly a Soundtrack for the film was released and it contains all the funky stickin' tunes you would expect from the era. Download it and call up a relative.

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  1. hell yeah! finally i found that awesome soundtrack! i knew it was too awesome to stay unpublished! Man, you really made my day :D
    the movie is kinda crappy, but the soundtrack is pure delight *_*

  2. Thanks for the great soundtrack! One thing that always stood out in this movie (amongst other things)was the music - also I love the crazy dialogue about the Necromonicon and magic delivered by the actors in a really serious deadpan way.

  3. Love the classic adult flix (and the music that went along with them), even if the quality sucks. Takes me back to my youth. Ah, the good old days before women discovered razors....