Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christina Lindberg Sings!

Swedish brunette beauty Christina Lindberg  (Penthouse Pet of the Month - June, 1970 issue), made her film debut with a starring role as 16-year-old innocent Inga in MAID IN SWEEDEN. She went on to star is such films as SEX AT THE OLYMPICS, ANITA: SWEDISH NYMPHET, LOVE IN 3D, CAMPUS SWINGERS, WHAT SCHOOLGIRLS DON'T TELL, and the Japanese pinky violence film SEX & FURY. Christina also appeared in two soft-core films for American adult picture writer/director Joe Sarno: SWEDISH WILDCATS  and YOUNG PLAYTHINGS. Christina achieved her greatest cult cinema fame with her performance as Frigga, a much abused and traumatized one-eyed mute junkie prostitute who exacts revenge in THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE (a.k.a. THEY CALL HER ONE EYE).

She's currently the owner and editor-in-chief of the aviation magazine "Flygrevyn," which she took over following her fiancé Bo Sehlberg's death in 2004. She owns two Siamese cats and was the onetime girlfriend of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf in the early 70's. Moreover, Christina is a keen mushroom picker (in 1993 she made the 20 minute instructional short "Christina's Mushroom School"), an animal rights activist, an environmentalist, and a vegetarian.

She recorded a two-sided 45 vinyl single at the height of her acting career in the early 70's and here it is!. These 2 tracks were ripped from vinyl. VBR mp3 in the 192ish range. Can she sing? You be the judge. Christina Lindberg currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
1) Alt Blir Tyst Igen
2) Du Ar Min Enda Karlek

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  1. Excellent post. I wonder what the story is behind the Swedish Mustache Team.


  2. Oh......any chance of a re-up for this please ???