Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Men's Magazine Flexi Discs

6", 7", 8", and 9" flexi discs were popular in Japan where they were known as sound-sheets (sono shito) and were often in traditional round format. In other areas, flexi disks were usually square and often included in a magazine. For example, the American magazine National Geographic's January 1979 issue included a flexi disk of whale sounds called "Songs of the Humpback Whale." With a production order of 10,500,000 copies, it became the largest single press run of any record at the time.

For even more information, there is a good article at Stylus Magazine. 

Why am I talking about Flexi Discs on a blog called Big Bust Out? Well, it just makes sense that the porn industry would utilize flexi discs to compete with the burgeoning home video market of the early 80s. They had already used gimmicks like scratch and sniff centerfolds, 3D spreads, life sized centerfolds, trading cards, calendars, swing club directories, etc. Audio was the next logical step. Velvet magazine even produced an off shoot called VELVET TALKS from 1979-85 that featured a flexi disc every month! These disc are pretty rare but I've assembled 3 turned into MP3. I've included a cover of the issue and the features it contained within.

High Society October 1980 
Paula Klaw -- The First Lady of Bondage, Photos of Betty Page and Tempest Storm
Phaedra Grant -- Porn Star of the Month
"Bath Tub Sceens" : Myrna Loy, Joan Crawford (not nude) and Rosalind Russell, Lauren Hutton, Marlene Dietrich, Lana Turner, Carol Lynley, Lili St. Cyr, Audrey Hepburn, Mamie Van Doren, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, Janet Margolin, Shelley Duvall, Stella Stevens
"Valerie Perrine -- Don't Stop Her Music!" (cover)
"The Kink Quotient" by Earl Flyn.
"Nudes Real": Ursula Andress, Jaye P. Morgan, Elsa Martinelli, Ajita Wilson, Ilona Staller, Sylvester Stallone (full frontal nude)
"Taking Care of Business" by Carl Esser."White Lightning of High Voltage Electricity!
White Lightning with porn star Misty Winter.
Flexi disc: Gloria Leonard's Head of the Class

Velvet Talks July 1981 
Flexi disc: Candy Samples.
No further information on the magazines contents

High Society December 1982 
"New York City Girls!" by Gil Reavill.

Porn Star Sylvia Benedict photographed by Cory Brandon.
"Burnin' Up the Bronx!"
"Dick Drost's Naked City -- The 1982 Miss Nude America Pageant".
"Canada's Biggest Tits!" Lolita Ramos (49DD).
Models photographed by Steve Hicks, Brian Anderson, Cory Brandon, Deward England, Douglass Hyun, Bruce Dennedy, Lance Kincaid, Jill Lynne, John Allum, Geoff Howes, Gerth Sernelin and A. Walton.
Flexi disc: Busting My Cherry


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  1. I have one of these, from "Live" magazine or something has been a long time since I went through my storage. more info later....

  2. well i have recently listening to right now this magazine. It's really great and interesting to read. thanks for the update.

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  3. Wow, these are amazing. I hope you don't mind, but I made youtube videos out of them. I included your blog in the description.