Friday, January 8, 2010


I have no ill will towards kitschy craft diva Martha Stewart and this CBS sequel to Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewart (2003) didn't change my opinion. Cybill Shepherd reprises her role as the shrewd business woman who's cover up of an insider trading crime lands her a 5 month stint in a minimum security prison. Written from the facts with no artistic liberties or dirt exposed, this plays like a miscast episode of Dragnet.
Only a third of the film takes place behind bars and these scenes are as light as Martha's Lemon-Chamomile Cream Pie. We are treated to such thrilling scenes as Martha busted with spices and Martha joining an inmate christmas decoration contest. "Yawn."
Minimal effort is put into what makes Martha tick and there is no clear character arch to make the production rise above typical tele biopic fare. Do yourself a favour and watch the real Martha Stewart make Bacon Cheeseburgers instead. ShareThis

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