Monday, January 11, 2010

Letter to the WARDEN

I recently received an e-mail from hotlunch666 asking me the following:

"Dude I love your website. I've had a fetish for locked up women  my hole life too. You should review the XXX hardcore Yugoslavia Stalin flicks. They are full of tied up bitchs. You love it. I can trade you copies for any WIP porn you might have. Keep up the good work."

I don't want to discourage readers of bigbustout from writing me but this individuals enthusiasm is not what I envisioned when creating the website. I must admit that I've never had a fetish for women in prison films nor has any other fetish manifested itself in my life. My favorite sexploitation film of all time is Paul Glicker's The Cheerleaders but I've never felt an attraction to the peppy rabble rousers. I like the film because of the writing. The girls are beautiful but certain fundamentals of cheap drive-in filmmaking must be present in a production for me to derive any pleasure from the viewing. Even in voyeuristic cinema such as Mondo Topless and Orgy of the Dead, there is enough charm on display to elevate them past a mere stroke-athon.

There are several reasons why I review women in prison films. The obvious being it's the only genre that hasn't been reviewed to death and there is an endless supply of films. Another motivation is they generally have elements I enjoy from a drive-in experience such as strong female characters, insane dialog,evil villains,funky scores, gun fights and explosions. 

If you have a women in prison fetish, well that's just fine but you might want to work on your attitude towards women. Yes, they are different then men but once you realize they are intelligent individuals you may better your odds at having an actual human to indulge in your fetish. If a love lost has made you so bitter towards the opposite sex, maybe therapy or employment as a correctional officer should be in your future.

I have reviewed some shot on video adult women in prison films but since these offer nothing more than modern day loops used in ten minute increments for jacking off, I don't plan on any future reviews. If an adult feature with a women in prison theme is shot on 16 or 35mm film and contains an actual script like some of the films from the 70's porn industry, then eventually I will get around to reviewing it.

The Stalin film series is actually from Czechlosavakia and caters to the S&M lifestyle which is for the most part made up of sociopaths preying on individuals with low self esteem. That has been my observation from working on the fringe of that industry. I can't derive any pleasure from reviewing S&M, Bondage, Scat, Hot Carls,  Bukake, Cincinnati Bow Ties, etc. The initial beer drinking college shock value of these worthless images is long gone. These are not movies they are the documentation of a perversion. If you like that crap, good for you.

I'm not trying to jump on any morality soap box. I'm against any form of censorship and feel that we are all perfectly capable of making our own decisions. I'm glad you enjoy the website but please be aware of my motivations as the creator of    

From the hole that is my life, 
let's eat pussy and not whip it,
Warden Bickert   

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