Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cooking With Vincent Price: THE RECORD

I've always been a fan of Vincent Price's hammy acting in classics like HIS KIND OF WOMAN (1951), THE HOUSE OF WAX (1953), THE FLY (1958), Roger Corman's Poe Adaptations, William Castle flicks,  and A.I.P. Horror. When I was a kid, I loved him as Egghead on BATMAN and as the narrator on Alice Cooper's song Devil's Food.  I owned his Shrunken Head toy, Hangman game and was impressed by his attempt to bring art to the common man at SEARS. 

Did you know he fancied himself a chef? Vincent and his second wife Mary Grant not only founded the Gallery at East Los Angeles College they wrote a cook book called A Treasury of Great Recipes in 1965. Vincent also showed Johnny Carson how to poach fish on THE TONIGHT SHOW and had his own British cooking program called COOKING PRICEWISE.

In 1977 he recorded INTERNATIONAL COOKING COURSE a 12 audio cassette set of recipes and cooking techniques which included topics such as Dining At Versailles, Delights From The Sultan's Pantry, Cucina Italiana, Dinner At The Casbah, The Bard's Board (with Shakesperian vocalisations!), Classical Spanish Cuisine, La Cocina Mejicana, Bounty Of Paradise, The Wok, Exotic Delights From The Far East, Foods From The Austro-Hungarian Empire, Food Of The Gods. The set also included a bonus cassette called Wine is Elegance in co-operation with the California Wine Institute.

I'm not sure if the following tracks are from this series but I highly doubt it. If anyone has any information on their original source, please contact me so I can post the correct information. They are pretty damn funny nonetheless. 


Track Listing
1. Pickled mushrooms
2. Roast pork with prunes
3. How to cook a daring cury
4. Cooking small boys
5. The pork chop song
6. Rub my roast song



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