Friday, January 8, 2010

Reform School Girls Soundtrack

Here are the MP3's to the out of print Reform School Girls soundtrack. I'm not sure who originally transfered these from vinyl but I sure do appreciate it. All tracks are in one .ZIP file for easy downloading. 

Reform School Girls 12"
Reform School Girls
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Track listing
1. Reform School Girls/ Wendy O. Williams
2. So Young, So Bad, So What/ Etta James
3. Bad Girl / Wendy O. Williams
4. Goin Wild / Wendy O. Williams
5. Nowhere To Run / Girlschool
6. Love Slave / Screamin' Sirens
7. Crime of the Heart / Girl's Night Out
8. It's My Life / Wendy O. Williams
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  1. I just remember the radio spot. I saw it at a drive-in and do not remember any of it.

  2. Thanks, been looking for this throughout the web!

  3. The link here seems to be corrupt? Do you still have this file? I've been searching for one of the songs off this OST for a while, and this is the only place I've found it. Help!