Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pamela Sue Martin, What Happened?

You might remember her from TV trash like The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977-78) and  Dynasty (1981-84). As a kid, I only remember her as another Roger Corman inmate in Lewis Teague and John Sayle's THE LADY IN RED (1979). We would hang out over at a buddies house and adjust the UHF knob to get a scrambled HBO picture. Dialing that signal like Rodac from Space Giants in the hopes of catching some blurred female anatomy. What a cast this flick had! Robert Conrad, Christopher Lloyd, Dick Miller, Joe Flaherty, Mary Wornov, Robert Forster and Kitten Natividad! Not much of this John Dillinger re-imagining took place in prison but the scenes that did were memorable. I saw a recent photo of Pamela Sue Martin and she looked pretty damn good. Before you get your hopes up for bangin' the three time marriage loser, read this from her personal website: 

"Pamela is a board certified Religious Science practitioner, in other words a spiritual counselor.
Religious Science is a spiritual philosophy (not to be confused with Scientology) that was founded by Ernest Holmes at the turn of the century during the New Thought Movement. It is inclusive of all religions in that the belief is that the same Spirit (God) is in all things and all people, that our thoughts are creative, and that we co-create our experience of life with our beliefs and thoughts with this Divine energy of Spirit. Most importantly, to the degree that we become conscious of our belief systems, and work to improve our outlook with affirmative prayer, we can positively affect the conditions of our lives. One of the popular slogans of the church is “CHANGE YOUR THINKING, CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.

“Our mission as practitioners is to deliver the message that no matter how dark the news, there is something which lifts us forward, a fire of creativity. God’s transcendence within our soul.” 

Well, she may have gone ape shit nuts eating the ol' god moo goo gai pan but we do have some ribald pics and THE LADY IN RED to redeposit into our spank banks.

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